Hi, I'm Lily! For me, photography has been a fascinating journey. I believe the essence of a phenomenal shot is storytelling. The lighting in a room, the color tones of the sunset, the smile on the face of someone who’s in love - these elements converge to tell a story. I believe I was put on this planet to capture these stories. This is why I feel just as comfortable shooting a prestigious church conference as I do taking your engagement photos or snapping pictures of a beautiful newborn - to me it’s all the same. It’s all part of a story.

   As a Northern California native, I have been taking advantage of my beautiful surroundings -people and places - one snapshot at a time. This creative momentum has been pushing my heart into a deeper and more intimate adoration for photography. As a non-traditional portrait photographer, I have the amazing opportunity to combine my two passions - people and art - into an expression that I hope you will enjoy. :)